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2020 GASL Officials Survey

2020 GASL Officials Survey Results

To Parents, League Reps, Coaches and Officials
Subject Results of the 2019 GASL Officials Survey.

  1. Parent volunteer officials are passionate about doing a great job.
  2. Everyone...league reps, coaches, officials...must read the rules, both GASL rules and the brief technical rules in USA Swimming rulebook.
  3. Shadowing works. Encourage this practice on your teams.
  4. Most challenging calls: Backstroke flip turn, Scissors kicks, Underwater Recovery in Butterfly.
  5. Parents should never engage officials directly, except anyone may ask politely, "What was the call please?". But no debating; talk to your coach.
  6. Coaches may dispute calls, but only with the Lead Official.
GASL Rules 2020 GASL Survey

Updated by: GASL on 10 Mar 2020 in League News