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GASL Family Championship Proposal 2020

GASL Championships 2020

At the fall 2019 league meeting, a presentation of a concept called Family Championships featured a central idea: Run Bronze and Silver meets concurrently at multiple locations on Saturday. It also cited secondary issues to be decided. The Board formed a sub-committee to weigh those secondary issues and deliver a firm Family Championship recommendation. The board anticipated a vote at the Spring meeting: either adopt Family Championships or maintain status quo (separate Bronzes and Silvers). See the committee's report below.

Intro to FC Deck In absence of a Family Championship recommendation to vote on, the Executive Committee and Committee chairs collaborated to create one. The Executive Committee unanimously recommends its passage by the Board. See also the Q&A doc where questions and comments from league team reps and parents are welcomed and will be answered. A remote vote by league reps will be called for no later than March 25.

Action Due Soon!

Just a friendly reminder and 'last call' to send any questions or comments you may have on the Family Championship proposal to the GASL Board by March 15, 2020.

Family Championships Proposal FC Q&A FC Exploratory Committee Report

Updated by: GASL on 11 Mar 2020 in League News