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GASL Board

GASL Board and Team Reps

GASL Emails

To simplify communications we've assigned an email address for each team. The address starts with the team's abbreviation - e.g. Annapolis Swim Team is abbreviated AST, so its email is

Instructions and initial passwords were sent to the primary email address we had for each team. Didn't get the email? Contact us and let us know which team you represent and we will resend it

You can access the email by typing your email address followed by /webmail in your browser, or follow the webmail link at the top of this page. For example, will take Annapolis Swim Team to their webmail account. See the instructions, above, for more information.

Where to Find Things on the New Site

Files intended only for Team Reps and Board Members are password-protected. Contact us if you need the password.

Are you following GASL on social media? We will use Facebook and Twitter to get timely information to you. Add GASL Calendar by signing into your Gmail account and then go to and click on the +GoogleCalendar link at the bottom of the embedded calendar.

  • The Teams page has team information - including pool address and dimensions, and any other useful information the teams have provided.
  • The News page includes news, rosters, and archived files.
  • The Rules page has a copy of the current rules and more information.
  • The Schedule page has a printable schedule and all of the results from the current season.

Do you have files to share, suggestions, or questions? Contact us