Intra-Squad and Inter-Squad Meets

In accord with the now-in-force 2019 rules, the Board has decided to create one standard for inter/intra-squad meets, aka time trials.

Q. Can teams hold intra-squad or inter-squad meets?

Q. Can times recorded be used as a seed time for dual meets?
A. YES. Coaches may also use a best-guess time to seed dual meets. Only championship meets require verified times - times actually performed legally in a current-season dual meet.

Q. Can participating in an intra-squad or inter-squad meet count for one of the two required meets for Championship eligibility?
A. NO. By rule, a swimmer must swim at least one individual event in at least two of the five regular season dual meets

Q. Can times recorded count for Championships?
A. NO - not without an exception from the GASL Board for extraordinary circumstances. By rule, GASL uses the top time swum in one of five regular-season dual meets for eligibility and for championship seeding. The only exception has been made for Evergreen because of their no-diving restriction at its home meets.