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GASL COVID-19 Response

COVID on computer and TV

COVID-19 restrictions are currently in place across the state of Maryland. GASL will be following all federal and state guidance with the respect to how to respond to COVID-19. Additionally, we will follow the restrictions placed by USA Swimming. Currently those restrictions limit the ability for GASL to meet in-person or for swim seasons to begin prior to April 30th.

The GASL Executive Committee will continue to monitor the situation and update all teams as needed. On April 30th we will reevaluate the ability of GASL to continue with the 2020 swim season. If on April 30 it seems like our season will need to be modified we will develop a plan to present during the May 21st meeting. If needed, we will host the May 21st meeting via video chat.

There are currently three urgent items that must be completed before the next GASL meeting

  1. Ribbon purchasing (in progress - Thank you Kate!)
  2. League and Venue Insurance registration (in progress)
  3. Championship planning (in progress)
We realize that insurance registration and pool rental are two very significant costs for our summer swim teams. We recommend delaying insurance registration until the day before practice is confirmed to begin. If at all possible we recommend delaying pool rental until the season is confirmed. If you need help speaking with your host pool regarding rental agreements, please reach out to us and we will assist in any way possible.

Updated by: GASL on 22 Mar 2020 in League News