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News, Archives, and Rosters

GASL Covid-19 Response

COVID-19 restrictions are currently in place across the state of Maryland. GASL will be following all federal and state guidance with the respect to how to respond to COVID-19. Additionally, we will follow the restrictions placed by USA Swimming. Currently those restrictions limit the ability for GASL to meet in-person or for swim seasons to begin prior to April 30th.

The GASL Executive Committee will continue to monitor the situation and update all teams as needed. On April 30th we will reevaluate the ability of GASL to continue with the 2020 swim season. If on April 30 it seems like our season will need to be modified we will develop a plan to present during the May 21st meeting. If needed, we will host the May 21st meeting via video chat.

2019 GASL Officials Survey

To Parents, League Reps, Coaches and Officials
Subject Results of the 2019 GASL Officials Survey.

  1. Parent volunteer officials are passionate about doing a great job.
  2. Everyone...league reps, coaches, officials...must read the rules, both GASL rules and the brief technical rules in USA Swimming rulebook.

February Meeting

2020 Dates: Dual Meets 6-13, 6-20, 6-27, 7-11, 7-18 | Bronze 7-22, Silver 7-25, Gold 7-26

Final Schedule will be published by March 8th. Teams that cannot host meets any of the above dates must get that information to GASL President Jake Miller no later than March 1st. Accommodations will be made if possible.

Download Minutes Family Championships Proposal

AAU Insurance

ALL teams must register ALL of their coaches, team representatives, and swimmers with AAU by their first practice. Please let Jen Busse or Kaile Bower know if you have any questions about the process.

2019 GASL Officials Registration and Clinics

Jerilyn Deitch, GASL Officials Chair, is collecting registrations for all GASL officials. Returning officials with currrent YMCA or USA Swimming certification can submit their credentials. They do not need to attend the GASL training clinic, but they must register.

2019 GASL Schedule

A big "Thank You!" to Jen and crew for the hardest and most thankless job - creating the competition schedule!!

Assignments to the Championship Meets can be found on the last page of the file. Thank you to the teams who volunteered to host our Bronze, Silver, and Gold Meets!

Welcoming a New Team

The Greater Annapolis Swim League is thrilled to welcome our newest team - Chase Creek! We are looking forward to meeting the swimmers and volunteers this summer.

New Website

Please help us build our new website and social media platforms! We would love help and constructive criticism.