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GASL Officials

Jerilyn Deitch, GASL Officials Chair, and her team provide training and support for GASL Officials. She has collected useful files on the GASL Officials OneDrive

Meet Tools

Lead Official's Briefing

Timer Briefing

Deck Assignment Slips - coming soon

Relay Take-Off Slips - coming soon


GASL Officials Survey

In 2019, GASL Officials were asked to complete a survey. You can read all about it below, but here were the major findings:

  1. Parent volunteer officials are passionate about doing a great job.
  2. Everyone...league reps, coaches, officials...must read the rules, both GASL rules and the brief technical rules in USA Swimming rulebook.
  3. Shadowing works. Encourage this practice on your teams.
  4. Most challenging calls: Backstroke flip turn, Scissors kicks, Underwater Recovery in Butterfly.
  5. Parents should never engage officials directly, except anyone may ask politely, "What was the call please?". But no debating; talk to your coach.
  6. Coaches may dispute calls, but only with the Lead Official.
GASL Rules 2020 GASL Survey

GASL Officials Training

Please review the relevant training decks, USA Swimming training videos, and read the GASL and USAS technical rules (very short) ahead of time. We will move faster and better in the clinics.

  • We have arranged for multiple opportunities for new and returning officials to attend a clinic.
  • Because of the complexity of the Stroke & Turn and Lead Official roles, we will continue to hold clinics annually.
  • We have refined the session for returning Stroke & Turn officials to the essentials.

All Attendees Must Register

Register Here

Confirm Officials Sign-Ups HERE

If COVID-19 restrictions are still in place we will conduct the training via teleconference

  • Monday, June 1 @ Bay Ridge: Returning S&T 6:30-8:00pm Starter/Lead Official 8:00-8:45pm | Jerilyn
  • Tuesday, June 2 @ Harting Farm: Returning S&T 6:30-8:00pm Starter/Lead Officials 8:00-8:45pm | Kevin
  • Wednesday, June 3 @ Harting Farm: New Officials 6:30-8:30pm |Kevin
  • Sunday, June 7 @ IndianHills: New Officials 10:30am-12:30pm |Kevin
  1. Returning officials may attend a clinic for new officials, but not vice versa
  2. We have allotted two hours for new officials and 90 minutes for returnees, though we hope to be able to complete in 15-20 minutes less time.
  3. Clinics for Lead Officials and Starters have been combined, because LO’s need to understand key aspects of the Starter role. We budgeted 45 minutes, and it is likely to go the full 45.
  4. We have recorded some of our own real-life video clips. We will review during the clinics, but they are available now and afterward.

Please Review BEFORE Your Clinic!